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Outfit Ideas Summer 2018

Summer isn’t over yet babe! Why not end the season with a bang? From rompers and day dresses to shorts and tied tanks, summer always makes a statement. Take advantage of those back to school savings and go get some of these adorable staple pieces. Maybe I’ll even make a post on how to keep wearing your fav summer looks while still rocking a fall vibe. 😉

Summer Romper


Rompers. You either hate them or love them. Personally, I am such a fan. Rompers gave every dress-loving girl the convenience of sitting however the heckinbob they want to. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy sitting without wondering if I’m accidentally flashing anyone. Rompers are so effortless but put together.

Dressing Up?


Pick your accessories carefully. If your style is sweet and classic, go with a subtle necklace and some hoop earrings. Put on a choker and some simple bracelets if you’re feeling a little edgy. Don’t be scared to pair your look with some heels! Stick to wedges if you’re going out during the day.

Dressing Down?


Put on a pair of chic sandals. Keep other accessories to a minimum. Consider wearing your hair in braids or a cute ponytail. Your look will be effortlessly adorable!

Summer Dress


Nothing new, the summer day-dress is here to stay. Sundresses have been around for a long time but there is no question as to why they’re still so in. You can throw it on over a swimsuit, wear it to church, or dress it up and go on a date. Your possibilities are endless. Ranging from floor length to…a little short… there’s a summer dress for anyone’s style.

Dressing Up?

Pick out a pair of wedges that will compliment your dress. Hoops or tassel earrings will give an extra flair to your look.

Dressing Down?

Slides, sandals, or slip on shoes are sure to give you an easygoing look that is still sure to wow. Simple accessories and a scrunchy will top the look off with a picnic vibe.

Denim Skirt

If Summer was a girl, she’d be wearing a denim skirt. Another piece that has been around since before I was alive, denim skirts can be cute and subtle or make a BIG impression. From a tight long sleeve shirt to a tube top, there are so many difference directions you can take with this piece. Can’t find one in the back of your closet? There are tons of great tutorials on how to make your own out of a pair of shorts or jeans! This one by Kate Puhala is my favorite. I’ve not tried the technique but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do. 😉

There are about a million styles of denim skirts. Like the ripped look? They make that. Like the classic look? They make that. Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s out there. With this tutorial, you can recycle an item you don’t wear into something you’re going to totally love. Plus you’ll be doing your Part to save the earth. It’s a win-win!

Dressing Up?

A pair of heels or strappy sandals are sure to make you look date night ready. Some romantic curls and statements earrings will complete your anything-but-tired look. Pick a shirt that will tuck nicely. If you would wear it to dress up a pair of jeans, chances are it’ll work for your skirt!

Dressing Down?

A simple tank top tucked into your skirt will give you a quick but cute look! A pair of converse or slip on shoes will make this the most comfortable and versatile look on the list. Nothing proves beauty isn’t always pain more than this chic outfit!


I want to know what your favorite summer outfits! Tag me (@kickinitwithkaelyn) in your Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook posts or (@kickinitwkaelyn) on twitter! Let me know what you want to read more of in the comments below!

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