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Money is important. Essentially everything in this world costs money. Whether you’re a teenager trying to get money for gas or an adult trying to get money for…well…gas, it’s nice to have a side hustle bringing in some income. Extra work doesn’t necessarily have to be hard. Here are the two sites that I have made easy money on.


If you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you know I like clothes. The problem with clothes is that there isn’t infinite space in my closet. In fact, there’s about to be a whole lot less space when I get into my dorm. Clearly I have some cleaning to do. I have been a member of the Poshmark community since May 27, 2015. I love how the app tells you all of your stats as a seller. Not going to lie, I have purchased more on this app than I have sold. Nevertheless, my closet is much happier due to this app. When you post an item to sell for less than $15, Poshmark keeps $2.95 from your transaction. Another item to note is that the buyer has to pay $6.99 for shipping. A buyer may not think your $20 shirt is worth $27.


Mercari came into my life some time ago, but I hadn’t actually used the app until recently. I love it. You have the option to pay for shipping and there are different prices for shipping depending on the weight of the item.  I am more likely to post on Poshmark at the moment, but Mercari is making its way into my heart. The best way to sell your items fast is to post them on both apps. 

Another issue with my wardrobe obsession is that there are so many cute pieces in my closet that have been worn only a handful of times. Everyone has a couple of outfits that are their security outfits. These outfits are worn often and deserve a spot in your closet, but what about that dress you bought 6 months ago? Maybe it even still has the tags on it. If you sell the dress for $50 because you know you won’t ever wear it, won’t you still come out ahead even if you paid $100 for the piece?

I’ve recently decided that I’m going to start treating my space like a commodity. The items that I would purchase again if given the chance will take my limited space. I’m tired of being a brand junkie or keeping items just because they cost a pretty penny. I just don’t have room to keep items I don’t need. Maybe you feel you can relate to my rant. Sell your stuff! Make back some of that money that you spent, just by posting a picture. Anything that I can’t sell I donate. I feel decluttered and free. Try it out. You might just love how it feels.

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