Saturday, February 16, 2019

Women’s Fashion for less: thrifting

First of all, I know it has been years since Macklemore released “Thrift Shop,” but this way of shopping is still a great way to save a penny. So here’s a quick list of reasons why you should still be thrifting.

  1. You can’t find authentic vintage wear for such a good price anywhere else.

    • Whether it is vintage or knock off vintage you’re looking for, go thrifting. The majority of those who sell vintage wear on Ebay or Poshmark found them in a thrift store. Save yourself the money, skip the middleman, and find the pieces yourself! IMG_2953
  2. Thrifting is better for the environment.

    • Reduce, reuse, recycle. Those high-waisted Levi shorts do not need to be in a landfill. There is probably someone on the other side of town that would love to wear them.
  3. This is the easiest way to get designer clothes without paying a hefty price.

    • People like to spend money. Too often we buy clothes that sit in our closet unworn. As a result, expensive items end up in thrift stores unworn. Take advantage!
  4. You can buy lots of items for a lot less.

    • Secondhand items generally cost less than 50% of the original purchase price. This applies even when the item still has its original tags.
  5. It’s fun.

    • Thrifting hauls are trending all over YouTube because it is so much fun to find hidden treasures at such a great price.
  6. Thrifting can help you expand your style.

    • It’s a lot easier to try out something you wouldn’t normally wear when it only cost you $1.IMG_2943.jpg
  7. Items are customizable.

    • You wouldn’t cut your $50 jeans into shorts, but you might cut those $3 silver jeans you bought. There are hundreds of thrifting DIY videos. Most noteworthy, some of these videos don’t even require sewing.
  8. It is perfect for Halloween or other dress-up events!

    • Rather than spend hours searching for a Wayne and Garth costume at Wal-Mart that I promise isn’t there, you can easily make one out of your thrift finds! (And it’ll certainly cost you a lot less!)
  9. You are helping the community.

    • Above all, many thrift stores are connected to charities. Teen Challenge, Marvas, and Salvation Army all help different people in the community through their thrifting programs. Do your part and support these thrift stores rather than throw your clothes out!
  10. Donating the clothes you don’t wear is an easy way to declutter your house.

    • Thrifting is a cycle. Because you get rid of things you don’t need, someone else is able to save money. It’s also another way to help out the community/charities in your city.                                                                                                                             IMG_2952

I want to see all of your best thrift finds! Tag me (@kickinitwithkaelyn) in your Instagram or Facebook post or (@kickinitwkaelyn) on twitter! Let me know any thrifting secrets you have or what you want to read more of in the comments below!                                                                                         

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