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Eight Ways To Save On Women’s Fashion

Some of my favorite possessions are clothes, accessories, and shoes. Buying clothes is practically a passion of mine, but so is saving money. So how can an individual add to their fashion collection without going broke? Through these methods I have purchased most of my favorite pieces for much less than the tag price! Here are my favorite ways to save.

  1. Shop the clearance rack.

    • I know people will tell you that clearance only has damaged and out of style items, but honestly there are absolute treasures hidden in these big-save areas. Boutiques want to make room for new pieces that they are excited about. Sometimes this means moving an adorable summer dress that has only actually been in store only for a short while to clearance! And if you have basic sewing skills, or are close to someone who does, your ability to save is actually endless!           

      This dress was originally missing a button. It came with an extra one and the dress wasn’t damaged in any other way. Sewing it on took less than 5 minutes. The dress’ original price was $70. I got it for $17.5. Is that not insane??? Save money by shopping smart!
  2. Shop discount stores.

    • Apparently there are people out there that won’t step into TJ Maxx? I own so many name brand clothing items that I purchased from TJ Maxx. Depending on the piece I probably paid 50% less than someone who purchased the same thing from somewhere else. In other words, I am able to save 50% of my money when I shop at discount stores!
  3. Coupon = Save.

    • While I wait in line with my massive pile of clothes, I do a quick search on my phone for a coupon. Almost every store has at least one coupon online that you can use. And hey, saving $10 is saving $10. You can use that money at Chick-Fil-A to reward yourself for saving so much. 😉
  4. Layer Coupons.

    • Hear me out. SOMETIMES a company will have a coupon online that is like $10 off if $40 or more is spent. And sometimes you’ll also have a 20% off coupon that they sent you in the mail. Bring both and just ask.
  5. ASK.

    • Alright so I don’t like paying full price. I hate it. So if I can’t find a coupon online and I didn’t have one in the mail, I’ll ask the cashier if there were any coupons floating around that I missed. Almost always they’ll apply a coupon that someone else had brought in that day!
  6. Hit follow.

    • Some of the above advice doesn’t apply to boutiques because they’re smaller and don’t have as much name recognition. Follow them on social media. How else will you know that all tops are marked down 40% for the weekend? Or that all Jeans are BOGO? It’s your job to stay informed!
  7. Haggle.

    • Y’all, haggling is not just for buying a car. If you find the perfect dress…but it’s missing a button, ask for a discounted price. Some businesses will take off 70% for a tiny imperfection than can be fixed in 2 minutes!

      This dress was already on sale when I walked into the store. The size small version of this dress was the same price, but it wasn’t missing a button. I mentioned the difference and was rewarded by only paying 30% of the original price.
  8. Be patient.

    • The shirt you want on a Tuesday could very possibly be on sale by Saturday. Just because you must have it doesn’t mean you must have it that very second. Take a picture of it and come back in a couple of days. If it is still not on sale, go ahead and buy it. Waiting like this also helps you decide if you want it as badly. Patience forces you to be practical!

I want to see all of your best finds! Tag me (@kickinitwithkaelyn) in your Instagram  or Facebook post or (@kickinitwkaelyn) on twitter! Let me know any other shopping secrets you have or what you want to read more of in the comments below!

P.S. this dress is from Hipsway (a little boutique in Arkansas.) They do not sell online. 🙁

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