Makeup Product Samples: Ipsy July Review

Every month I receive a shiny pink package from a brand called Ipsy. The service is $10 and they hook you up with 5 “samples” of beauty products. These samples are practically full-sized (usually). Oh, you get all of your products in a cute makeup bag! It’s like Christmas every month. 😉 The items are selected based on a beauty quiz you take. The website also offers special deals on name brand makeup! Here’s what I got this month. Continue reading “Makeup Product Samples: Ipsy July Review”

The Fast Cure For Dry Skin

You know those girls that have to blot their skin and constantly complain about their face being shiny? I’m not one of them. You clicking on this post makes me think you aren’t either. I have heard that serums and lotions can help those with oily skin but I’m going to stick to what I have experience with. This is my routine and the products I use that help me. Everyone’s skin is different. Always patch test a new product! Continue reading “The Fast Cure For Dry Skin”

Halo Top’s Best Five Flavors: The Perfect Healthy Snack

Halo Top is my go-to ice cream on a bad day because the entire pint is usually less than 400 calories! The product is essentially “guilt free” at its yummiest. While I am not completely in love with every flavor, there are several that are always stocked up in my freezer. The ice cream macros are really not bad either! There are clear reasons as to why this ice cream has a cult following. Continue reading “Halo Top’s Best Five Flavors: The Perfect Healthy Snack”

The Inflatables You NEED: Outdoor Sports

Summer is all about pools. You spend a ton of money getting your pool clean so that you can lay next to or be in it. Cute inflatables are practically the same price as your basic Wal-mart blow-up. There’s nothing quite like getting your tan while drifting on the water. Here’s a little summer inspiration to make your summer as Instagram worthy as you are. Continue reading “The Inflatables You NEED: Outdoor Sports”

Ipsy’s June Bag: Hair Care and Makeup

While I love to shop for makeup, I love to receive it in the mail even more. Ipsy is a makeup/product monthly subscription that costs $10 a month. The subscription is different than several other subscriptions because every month your products arrive in a new makeup bag. Once I month I get to excitedly test products I may never have reached for otherwise. Ipsy tailors the products they send you to your individual routine by making you take a brief style quiz. The quiz helps the company send you items that you like but it also helps them not send things you won’t like I received these products in my June bag. Here is what I think of them…. Continue reading “Ipsy’s June Bag: Hair Care and Makeup”

10 Healthy Snacks for the Munchies: Diet and Nutrition

So you have fit goals but you also have cravings that have the potential to kill you. Well, maybe not, but it usually feels that way. Listen to your body and give yourself what it wants and needs with these healthy snacks. Disclaimer: I said wants and needs, not just wants. 😉

  1. Chips?

    • If you’re in it for the satisfying crunch, eat some carrots. Not close enough? Try radish chips. Radish chips are not veggie chips that are still not great for you. Radish chips are actual radishes cut into the shape of ripple style chips. They are crunchy and slightly spicy.
  2. Chips and Dip?

    • See above and stick them into some salad dressing or humus! You are bound to find a new favorite snack.
  3. Ice cream?

    • Try a low-fat, low-calorie brand like Halo Top! Or make your own “fruitcream”. I also highly suggest you stick some grapes in the freezer and eat them frozen. Your life will never be the same.
  4. Cake?

    • Eat a Rice Cake! These things are so underrated. Throw on some cream cheese and strawberries or peanut butter and banana slices. These are so customizable!
  5. Hamburger?

    • Eat the hamburger! Just take the buns off and use mustard instead of mayo/ketchup/whatever you use.IMG_2945.PNG
  6. Pasta?

    • Eat some Quinoa. Just as satisfying to me. Birds Eye sells these pre-made protein blends with quinoa that are so delicious and ideal for getting those gains.
  7. Milkshake?

    • Try a smoothie. They are still high in sugar but debatable a healthier option. You want to be making healthy decisions even on cheat day. Tropical Smoothie has some dessert-like smoothies but still give a good fruit portion!
  8. Poptart?

    • Okay, sorry. That is not a breakfast. Eggs take a very short time to make and are so good for you. A clean day of eating starts in the morning. Throw on some salsa if eggs are too boring for you!
  9. Soda?

    • Try carbonated water. Same carbonation but significantly less sugar and corn syrup. La Croix is a favorite at my house!
  10. Chocolate?

    • Try a fruit you haven’t had in a while. They will satisfy your desire for sugar but will also provide you with incredibly important vitamins! Not good enough? Try a protein bar with chocolate in it. You’re solving your craving but with something with better macros!

I want to see all of your healthy snacks! Tag me (@kickinitwithkaelyn) in your Instagram  or Facebook post or (@kickinitwkaelyn) on twitter! Let me know any healthy snacking secrets you have or what you want to read more of in the comments below!

5 College Must Haves: How To Make Your College Years Your Best Years

I get it. You’re stressed. College is stressful. High school might not have been your favorite place but it was predictable. There’s a certain beauty in predictability. Your worried about your roommate and books and money and having a good time. While the items on your dorm checklist are probably vital, your two sets of twin xl sheets aren’t going to make or break your college years. Relax. Take in this new chapter with a few secret weapons. 😉 Continue reading “5 College Must Haves: How To Make Your College Years Your Best Years”